Millionaires Apprentice Review – $1000 in 12 hours with Michael Cheney’s 7 Figure Franchise…

Check out my results from using Michael Cheney’s Millionaires Apprentice & 7 Figure Franchise…

My First $1000 Commission Within 12 Hours of Joining

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More Commissions…

On top of making my first $1k commission within just a few hours of joining the seven figure franchise, I also received another $1k commission just two days later.

My second $1000 commission from Michael Cheney's 7 Figure Franchise

My second $1000 commission from Michael Cheney’s 7 Figure Franchise

The best part is that with the 7 Figure Franchise, you don’t even have to try and sell the expensive products to get those $1k commissions.

I’d only been promoting the lower ticket $10-$20 products and then Michael went and turned those lower ticket buyers into $1k commissions without any extra effort on my part.

Another $1k commission from the 7 Figure Franchise. Thank you Michael Cheney :-)

Another $1k commission from the 7 Figure Franchise. Thank you Michael Cheney 🙂

Pretty cool, right?

It’s Not Just High Ticket Commissions…

As part of the 7 Figure Franchise membership you also get to promote ALL of Michael’s products and keep 100% on everything in the sales funnel.

Promoting these products on their own has made me another $20k+ in commissions.

Over $23,000 in commissions from Michael Cheney's products

Over $23,000 in commissions from Michael Cheney’s products

Enough Proof … How YOU Can Get Started.

The 7 Figure Franchise isn’t always open to the public – sometimes Michael has a waiting list while he focuses on helping new franchisees get up and running and making commissions fast.

If you’re looking to get started with the Seven Figure Franchise, simply click the link below and see if the offer is open.  If you see a waiting list, then you can always leave your name and email to be alerted once it opens up again.

Otherwise, if it’s still open to the public you can get instant access and secure your spot before it’s closed again.

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UPDATE: Results After One Month

I wanted to post some more results after being a member of Michael Cheney’s 7 Figure Franchise for just over a month.  Check out these screenshots below:

$6000 Day With 7 Figure Franchise

$6000 Day With 7 Figure Franchise


$2000 Day With 7 Figure Franchise

$2000 Day With 7 Figure Franchise


Two $1000 commissions in 20 minutes

Two $1000 commissions in 20 minutes

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What Do You Get With 7 Figure Franchise?

=== Benefit #1 ==

A huge benefit to the 7 figure franchise is that members can also earn $1000 commissions from the integrated high ticket program that’s part of every single funnel in 7 figure franchise.

Michael’s goal with this has been to make something that’s as simple and ‘newbie proof’ as possible.

A lot of high ticket programs focus on teaching you how to build something like this. But most people can’t do that. Instead, Michael’s program gives you something that’s proven to work already so that you can start getting commissions as soon as possible.

To maximize your profits, Michael has created a complete suite of evergreen sales funnels so that every single person who requests more information from your 7 figure franchise link goes through an entire 9 week sequence of email promotions.


=== Benefit #2 ===

As a 7 figure franchise you’re also going to be able to promote each of his products wihle keeping 100% of the sale paid direct to your paypal account. Even if you don’t promote all of them, you can promote just one product and as mentioned in the other section, Michael will automatically funnel all leads through a whole campaign promoting each of his products.


=== Benefit #3 ===

Beyond the money making potential of promoting the products in the 7 figure franchise, Michael has also included some training that shows you his exact blueprint for making a million dollars a year online.

Recorded at a private workshop in Scotland, this 2 day event reveals just how Michael has built a 7 figure business that still allows him the freedom to spend time with his family, walking his dog, or training for competitive cycling events.

Unlike a lot of marketers who will tell you that you need to hustle 80 hours a week to succeed, Michael shows you exactly how he makes 7 figures a year while working no more than 5-6 hours a day.


=== Benefit #4 ===

Access to all of Michael’s existing products. This is something that could easily be worth $5,000 on it’s own. In addition to everything else listed above, when you join the 7 figure franchise Michael is going to give you access to every digital product he’s ever created.

Even if this was the only element that franchisees got, it would still be great value compared to the price paid for membership to the franchise.

I should give you a warning though… There is going to be a LOT of information in all of these products, and trying to go through everything all at once is going to leave you overwhelmed.

If you’re relatively new to online marketing, the best way to use the franchise is to simply follow the ‘getting started’ training that Michael provides so that you can begin to make sales as soon as possible. Then once you have some momentum from the initial training, you can start to expand on that with the additional products provided.


=== Benefit #5 ===

Your first 1000 visitors free.

In order to make sales you first need to find people to buy those products, right? For many people starting with the 7 figure franchise the topic of getting website traffic is going to be a little new to them and it’s something that can stump a lot of people. The truth is many people who try internet marketing will give up purely because they don’t have a way of getting targeted traffic to purchase the product or service that they’re selling/promoting.

To help guarantee your success, and fast, Michael is going to give you exclusive insider access to his traffic training that will help you get your first 1000 visitors for free.

Once you get access to this you can immediately start implementing the free traffic methods and be getting sales as soon as the same day. (While it is possible to get sales the same day, it is likely that it could take you a couple of days in reality depending on how quickly you implement, and what time of day you get access etc).


=== Benefit #6 ===

Personal help from Michael.

Michael knows that there are going to be people from all kinds of experience levels joining the 7 figure franchise and some people are going to need more help than others.

For that reason you’re also going to get 30 days of personal consultancy with Michael himself once you join. This way you can communicate directly with him (at his personal email address) so that you can spend the first 30 days really focussed on the right methods to get results fast.

Of course even after the 30 days are up, you’ll still have access to his dedicated support team to help you with anything else you need along the way.


=== Benefit #7 ===

Other bonuses from Michael include:

– Free traffic from traffic expert.

You’ll get Michael’s traffic expert working on your campaign for a full 60 minutes to kick start your traffic and promote your franchise link on high profile search engines and websites.

– Fast facebook traffic.

Michael will show you the same methods he used to pull in over $171,000 in sales from facebook traffic. His previous clients have paid as much as $5860 for this.

– Money making traffic.

You’re also going to discover the fastest and most lucrative ways to drive free traffic that buys. Simply watch the training videos and follow along to start getting all the free traffic you’ll need.


=== Benefit #8 ===

One of the questions people ask about the 7 figure franchise is whether they need to have their own site, own hosting, own autoresponder etc.

The answer is yes and no.

To get started you don’t need any of that. Just send to Michael’s pages and he takes care of everything for you.

However, it’s always good to be building your list so if/when you want to do that, you can easily drive traffic to your own pages first and have people then go to Michael’s offers where you get paid.

Once you start building your own list, you’re going to want to email them in order to earn more commissions from them.

Michael’s got you covered here too – he’s going to give you an exclusive license to use all of his past, present and future email campaigns for your own use.

These campaigns have so far generated over $6.9 million for Michael and you get to copy and paste every single one of those campaigns and use them yourself – even for promoting other products.



Is There A Guarantee With 7 Figure Franchise?

To literally put his money where his mouth is, Michael’s 7 figure franchise now comes with a double money back guarantee. That is, if you follow the training and don’t get results with it, he’ll not only refund you but he will also pay you back double your money.

Obviously you have to put in the effort to make the program work for you – you can’t just go binge on the Game of Thrones boxset and then expect to get double your money back.

But it’s almost unheard of for anyone in this market place to offer a double money back guarantee on a product like this.

The only reason Michael can offer this is that he knows just how well it works. As you’ve probably seen with all of the other proof screenshots from different members, and payouts that he’s made to affiliates, this is something that is generating results for everyone who follows the training.

The worst case scenario if you choose to join the franchise is that you’ll get paid to try it. You either make money, or you get double your money back for trying. Can’t be fairer than that, right?



What About 7 Figure Franchise Bonuses?

hile Michael is going to be offering a great deal of training for you, there are other members of the franchise that are also promoting it and some will offer bonuses.

If you can take advantage of a bonus offer you should do so – you’ll get more value for your investment.

However, you should be cautious when going for a particular bonus offer. There’s no point merely getting more ‘stuff’ just for the sake of it. Otherwise you end up with everything collecting digital dust on your hard drive. Worse is that you get so much information that it completely overwhelms you and stops you from taking any action on the franchise itself.

When deciding on a bonus package from a 7 figure franchisee, you want to find something that’s going to complement and enhance the package that you’re getting from Michael.

I’ve put together a bonus package for new millionaires apprentice members that does just that here.



UPDATE: Over $84,000 In Commissions!

I wanted to finish by posting some more recent results after being in the 7 Figure Franchise for a while now.  Check out these screenshots below:

Thousands of commissions coming in on ONE day.

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Over $84K in commissions with 7 Figure Franchise

>> Click Here To Get $1000 Commissions <<


Get Started With The 7 Figure Franchise.

The 7 figure franchise program is only open by invite only.

If you go to the homepage, you’ll find a “SOLD OUT” message with a form to join the waiting list.

Even if you can find the sales page the public price for the 7 figure franchise is $4,997.

But order from the link below and not only will you get the $7,129 in bonuses, you’ll also get the discounted price of $1997 (or two payments of $1100) to save you $3,000 on that public price.

>> Join here AND get your $7,219 in bonuses <<

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